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Strzelin Hills   15th/16th June 2013

4th  Rogaining  in  Strzelin

"Siapula" Rogaining will be held on night 15th/16th June 2013. Time limit will be 8 hours (part of the race will be held at daylight). The course will be 20-30 control points located approximately 2-2,5 km from each other. Harder points will contribute more to overall team score.

Strzelin is located 20 km from the A4 motorway.

rogaining  strzelin

On the map will be used the international symbols for orienteering maps:

rogaining strzelin

An online interactive quiz for learning or reviewing the IOF symbols

rogaining strzelin

Control Descriptions and Map Symbols Explained:

rogaining strzelin

Here is a site where you can learn about control descriptions. All the symbols are listed, and you can find out about what each column is for and what information is given on the top and bottom rows.

The example panes are taken directly from the IOF Control Description Booklet pub.March 2004. Here you can practice what you have learned and compare the Map, 3d Sketch, Control Description and the English Words for many examples.

The presence at control points, teams will be confirmed by perforating.