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Jeszkotle - 24th-25th November 2012

3rd  Rogaine  in  Strzelin

"Trail of Fallen Leaves" Rogaining will be held on night 24th/25th November 2012. Time limit will be 10 hours. The course will be 20-30 control points located approximately 2-2,5 km from each other. Harder points will contribute more to overall team score

Sign-up fee should be paid cash at the event center (applies to teams outside the Poland).

Hash House for "Trail of Fallen Leaves" Rogaining will be located in rural lounge in Jeszkotle (village at the end of the world). You have to go to Jeszkotle from the village Gnojna (between Strzelin and Grodków). In Gnojna is the signpost to Jeszkotle

Jeszkotle - Strzelin - rogaining

You need to bring mats and sleeping bags. Participants arriving by train can be picked up by organizers (no additional fee) from Strzelin train station (between Wroc³aw and Kamieniec Z±bkowicki). Please let us know if you'd like to use such transport.

Jeszkotle - Strzelin - rogaining