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Strzelin Hills   28th-29th July 2012

2nd  Rogaining  in  Strzelin

"Siapula" Rogaining will be held on night 28th/29th July 2012. Time limit will be 8 hours (part of the race will be held at daylight). The course will be 20-30 control points located approximately 2-2,5 km from each other. Harder points will contribute more to overall team score

Hash House for 'Siapula' Rogaining will be located in Ground School in Sarby (you need to bring mats and sleeping bags). Showers will be available after the race.

Sarby - Strzelin - rogaining

Participants arriving by train can be picked up by organizers (no additional fee) from Henryków train station (between Wroc³aw and Kamieniec Z±bkowicki). Please let us know if you'd like to use such transport.

Come participate in 2nd Strzelin Rogaining.

Sarby - Strzelin - rogaining

Checkpoints will be arranged into an irregular spider web - and like a true spider, you start right in the middle having full choice of your direction. Choosing right can take you up the ranking before the race even begins. Orienteering skills will definitely help in this varied terrain.

The map will contain enough checkpoints to keep all teams busy right till the time runs out. Choose your way to get as many checkpoints as possible, remember to get enough of those scored high and always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong (or too well).

At the finish a fire, warm food and dring will be available, so that everyone can rest after the race.