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Biały Kościół, November 19th/20th, 2011

First rogaining in Strzelin

Maria rogaining - Strzelin - rogaining

On the night Nov 19th/20th 2011 a rogaining was held on Strzelin Hills. It was a night, 10-hour event organized by Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, Strzelin Branch.

Hash house was located in the school in Biały Kościół. Race start and finish were located at major crossroads near Gromnik.

25 controls were located in the competition area, situaded 2-2,5 kms apart, with weight varying from 4 (easiest checkpoints) to 8 (hardest ones).

Warm tee and food awaited participants at the finish line.

Maria rogaining - winner - Strzelin rogaining

On Sunday, at 7 a.m. the award ceremony took place. All participants got race t-shirts, the best were awarded with certificates and prizes.

Jarosław Bartczak was the winner, he was the only participant to visit all checkpoints. He won open class (and veteran class as well), ahead of 2nd place team - Franciszek Galla, Marek Galla and 3rd place - Kornel Jaskuła.

Maria rogaining - Strzelin - rogaining - finish

Mixed teams class was won by the only foreign team participating - Aigars Actinš and Ilze Lapina from Latvia. Best woman was Sabina Giełzak, best youths were local team Łukasz Szymański and Rafał Szałaj.

The race was organized entirely by Strzelin Branch of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society. Main organizers were: Krzysztof Lucima (event director), Jacek Wieszaczewski (course setter), Janusz Lucima and Łukasz Łukasiewicz (start and finish line organization). The race was held without any problems. It was the first rogaining in Poland that was organized only by Polish.